Our quality management creates transparency and trust

The steady quality and safety of our food and plants to protect consumers are an important concern for us. That’s why we are committed to this all year round. In addition to regular internal audits and weekly durability tests our range is checked by external institutions and analyzed in independent laboratories. Together the quality management of the Gartenbauzentrale eG and the quality control of the Chamber of Agriculture Niedersachsen check and secure the constant high quality of our products.

"The quality management lays out the foundation for the trust between us, you and the consumers." With the introduction of a new Internet portal for our producers in 2007, we have perfected the retraceability of our potted herbs. 

IFS Logistics, QA - Quality scheme and GLOBALG.AP
Since 2003/ 04, Gartenbauzentrale eG is certificated to the International Featured Standard Logistics, GLOBALG.A.P. and also to QS.


The organic seal and EU organic
A part of our herbs is biocertified by EU directives. 2008 40 % of our cultivation areas were converted to organic production. Our manufactures produce organic herbs according to the guidelines from the associations of Naturland and Bioland.
Not only our organic farms but also al the others use beneficial insects as natural predators.


All producers of the Gartenbauzentrale eG, work with support of these little assistants.
„Today our whole herbal cultivation takes place roughly biologically.“

Our current quality certificates are available as PDF files in the download area.
Employees of the quality control taking samples in a local operation:

For questions about the quality of our products, please contact our quality management.


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