History of the Gartenbauzentrale eG


10.02.1931 Foundation of a vegetable growing and distribution cooperative.

Area under cultivation: about 15 ha of open land and 10,000 square meters high glass.


Foundation of four horticultural group settlements around Papenburg and in the urban area as part of the Emsland plan. Main products: vegetables and cut flowers


Ab 1965

Cultivation of cut flowers like roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and freesias.



Rising energy prices and a dramatic drop in cut flower prices are increaseing the potted plant segement.


End of the 70s
Increasing expansion of cultivation of spring flowering plants such as Primula, Viola, Bellis and Myosotis. The specialization proceeds: potted plants, patch and balcony plants dominating the cultivation.


Beginning of the 80s
Beginning of the cultivation of pot herbs. Within only a few years we became the MARKET LEADER in this segment.
14 million herbs in this segment.



Extension of the building complex by 2,000 to 6,000 m² in total. The service for customers is enlarged to training, market planning and installation aid.


Construction of the new administration building. 900 in floor space with 23 offices (front 400 / 15 rooms). Required to be the standard of a modern administrative needs. Moving in spring 1989.





Increase of the logistic services because of the electronic connection between producers and administration.
EAN CODING: Nationwide we are the only supplier able to provide all the products in EAN coded pots. Successful participation at the Federal Garden Show in Cottbus with several awards.
Planning and constructing the new logistics center at the Schulze-Delitzsch-Straße 10 in Papenburg.




Move to the new Horticulture Center. The modern logistics center disposes of 18,000 (administration, warehouses).

The Arial is 10 hectares.



DIN ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION for all business areas.
Start of the production of organic potted herbs.
Introduction of further quality assurance systems: IFS, QS, GLOBALG.AP
Internet-Portal: potted herbs - upgrading the traceability
Top ranking with organic potted herbs 40% of the cultivation area change to organic
Product range includes cut herbs and perennials herbs.
Cold storage / hall extension
80 million sold pots herbs and 35 million sold cucumber nationwide.
Finish of the cold storage expansion by further 1,000 .


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